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Are you thankful - everyday?

I find that on every Thanksgiving I am thankful for the usual things; family, a roof over my head, my job, the fact that I have full use of my body and have autonomy, the ability to vote, drive, my weekends, etc. The list goes on. These are things we all can take for granted. But there are a slew of other things that I certainly forget to do that shows I am thankful for others in my life. It's the little things after all. Maybe a few of these can help light up someone's holidays.

1. Thank you notes.

This doesn't need to be fancy! A simple few sentences on why this family member, friend, or co-worker helped you or was an example to you will go a long way in making their holiday a bit brighter. This works the same with family members and those who've recently helped you move into a new place, your real estate agent, your roommate, your boss.

2. A cup of coffee (or tea, or vodka...)

One time I put a post-it note on a co-workers desk that said, "thank you for helping me with that tough situation. I owe you a drink or a cup of coffee. How does tomorrow sound?" This could be as simple as a coffee break on you, a Starbucks gift-card with $5-$10 on it, or maybe the next time everyone goes out for happy hour - you get their drink. Simple and kind gestures to let people know that you take notice of their character. Of course, you don't HAVE to do it in the form of coffee or alcohol. Pick something else! Ice-Cream!

3. Affirmations.

I know we live in a time of 'self-care-this' and 'manifestation-that' and it all seems very 'out-there' at times. Well, the one thing I've taken away from all of that is affirmations. I recently began a trend in my office that when someone sneezes, instead of saying 'bless you' (which traditionally it started as a little prayer) I now tell them something honestly affirming about themselves. It always makes them laugh, smile or sparks a conversation. I work with some fantastic people so these statements are true:

- "I think your outlook on life inspires others."

- "I like the way you did your hair today - it looks lovely."

- "You are always so helpful and that makes our jobs easier."

- "I'm grateful for your presence in this office."

- "You always make the printer work again - THANK YOU."

- "Thank you for making the coffee just right."

You can make them laugh as well. My co-workers have caught on to this:

- "Your head is shaped just as it should be."

- "It appears you put your clothes on right side out today."

- "Your eyes and ears do their jobs most effectively."

Those are a few ways to make your day a bit more thankful and let those around you know you're thinking about them. It's simple. And people feel seen.

The more serious reason that these are important is that at the core of our existence is the need for belonging, love, acceptance, and appreciation. We need these to function as a human race. It creates positive values in our relationships, our time, and our thoughts. Whether there was a lack of these core things as we were growing up that have lead us to need them more in our lives as adults, or maybe a traumatic event that gave us reason to doubt our self-worth - nothing is more important than people reaching out on a daily basis and letting others know that they are SEEN. How can you reach out to someone in your life today?



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