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My Messes: A Fall Foreshadowing

I may get back into my baking hobby. Yes. I bake on occasion. It's calming because everything is there, measured out, and there's a sense of control, of reprieve from everything in my life that's messy. Family is messy. Work can get messy. Understanding myself and where I fit in - is messy. And that's okay. I'm giving myself more time to reflect on the messiness of life and being okay with certain messes. More to come on that.

For example, when I visit my sister and brother-in-law and see my God-child and nephew make an utter mess (but a joyful one) of their living room, I automatically want to help clean it up (I'm Type-A). But I watch my sister and how she just watches them play, make their messes, and then when it's time to clean it up - she teaches them how to clean it up. There's a place for the blocks, plastic animals, and figurines. A place for the toddler-sized table and chairs. A place for all of it. And this is like much of our lives - we don't watch it just get messier, but we do have to learn to compartmentalize and remember that if we know HOW to make order out of it, we'll be able to become more disciplined in the ways of keeping up with ourselves and the messes we make. And learn from them - and not repeat habits or relationships, even - that keep us from being truly at peace.

A few helpful tips I use:

1. Passion Planner: since I have multiple projects going on at once and deadlines for them, it is good to have a central focus and way to measure progress. Check out their planners and goal-setting guru methods.

2. Google Calendar: With many schedules, it's great to have access on the go. There are many apps for this. I however like the ease of use with Google calendar (and there IS an app!), the sharing option, and the multiple types of views. I rely on it for event-planning and producing projects. It's also compatible with Apple and Android products.

3. Meal Prep: This saves me time and grants me peace of mind. I go to the grocery store, get a protein, vegetable, and starch, and make food for 3-4 days of the week, usually on Sundays. Therefore, I spend less money eating at restaurants, running around during my lunch breaks and paying for parking, and avoid eating junk. I do sometimes grab sushi during the week! Treat yourself.

4. Meditation: I promise this isn't as new-age as you believe. Meditation has been a part of so many cultures for centuries and it's no wonder that some of the greatest thinkers and historical figures of our time do this daily. I usually find time for this at night, but morning is better since it's a fresh start. I have palo santo wood I burn (which is perfectly safe) and the scent is linked to prayerful and contemplative practices. Apps like Headspace are great if you are just starting out. Otherwise, you can slowly begin your day with stretching and being kind to yourself, writing down 3-5 affirmations about the day and goals, and then breathing in slowly, focusing on your breath and on each affirmation for about 3-5 minutes.

How will you make order out of your bits of messes and chaos? Or will you play in the leaves - a beautiful mess (and bag it up later?) :)

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