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UPDATES! Welcome to the relaunch.

It's been a while (approximately 8-9 months?) since the last blog-post, but I am going to update you by email, granted you Subscribe! Life is busy and don't you know I have a habit of doing too much, but loving it all. It's the blessing/curse of being Type-A.

Lately, I've had a whirlwind of last minute changes. But I am slowly back to finding balance. Here are a few ...


I was planning on working a hosting gig this month, and I am still puzzled as to why I am not doing it, only that I am ready to work for and with other like-minded professionals. I wish them the best success, but can't reconcile throwing away months of work on something when it seems premature to change gears so close to an event. Yet, here we are. One cannot dwell in the past. As it's been said, 'Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production.' There some alliteration for ya.

Hosting: YouTube!

Hosting has always been close to my heart and I love connecting. Helping people. Inspiring and also learning from others' experiences. Therefore, I am going to make more announcements soon, but the hosting thing is going to happen one way or another. I love people, I love film, music, etc. I used to walk up to people as a young child, introduce myself, and ask them many many questions or ask them to play. In my interviews on my YouTube channel, you'll get to know me more intimately and witness to those interesting folks I befriend. I can't wait for you to meet them.


I am releasing a single THIS FALL! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! It's a song that's always been a favorite of mine. I worked with some beautifully talented and skilled musicians on this single that I am grateful to know and have in my life Scott Mulvahill and David Howley. It will be available on Spotify and iTunes. and I am testing the waters, hoping for a positive outcome, and will be doing more music. I'd love to kick start a fundraising campaign and do an EP of songs I've always loved, for all of you.


I wrote a short film! Okay, I've written a few but this is the first one that I'm going to make and ask for your help with. It's gritty, loves. It has some surprising twists and a bit of romance. We'll likely film in late October or early November. I'm excited to be brainstorming with such talented folks on this.

Producing: I produced for the team Big League Chew for the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project alongside a great cast and crew of 27 people and we made a great short film titled Time After Time, written by the writer/actor Ted Welch. Dean Shortland won Best Actor and we had the privilege of having it shown at Salute Your Shorts Night.

Stuff I've picked up along the way: - I am now available to style local photo-shoots and direct them creatively in collaboration with local photographers for portfolio building and networking purposes. Email me for info! I'll begin scheduling these in October.

- I date myself. New restaurant you wanna go to? GO! I find the best places and instead of waiting around for others to be available (not that it's beyond me) I go in, ask what they recommend, and often end up writing Yelp reviews. The experience for me is often more enriching when I can focus on the presentation, food, and service.

- Patience and Grace: I'm still working on it, but I know that to grow I have to give myself space to do that. I am focusing on myself and that growth during this season of change. This doesn't mean I will ignore you! ;)

Stay tuned for more, friends :)

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