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Take back your holiday.

If you're a human - the holidays are a money and time suck. As they should be. I guess ... OR they can be a time for rejuvenation and money saving. HOW IN THE WORLD you're asking? Well, as a single lady in this world who has several circles of friends, work friends, hometown friends, long distance friends, and family everywhere - the bill for sending cards or gifts can get expensive.

Honestly, we all want to know that we're loved. How do we do that? Call or email, first of all!

Gifts are nice gestures but should never be expected. If you want to surprise someone or do something nice for someone - like fix that drawer in the kitchen that has been bugging you for the past 4 months, or maybe sweep and mop a big common area in the house - cleaning/organizing are great gifts to those you love. Leave a post it for your loved one to find the next day. These things throughout the year are priceless gifts.

A Facebook message, email or text that simply tells them you're thinking about them is also nice. Let them know a what's going on in your life. Ask them good questions about their family, career, or plans for the new year. Communication is something that is invaluable.

The holidays should not add any more stress to your life than you already have. They were never meant to be about the perfect gift, how many hours you spend with a single person, or how well you're dressed for a party or even the perfect casserole at an in-law family dinner. It's about quality of conversation with those you love and who want to hear from you.

Take a moment to asses who in your life is truly important to you and whom you should give your love and attention to. Don't overextend yourself by thinking that EVERYONE must hear from you this holiday season. None of us are that popular or high in demand - unless you're Harry Potter. And he's not even real. Relax. You now have all year to reach out to everyone and send notes of love and encouragement. Why wouldn't those who care about you want you to take good care of yourself? Let's band together for every holiday and take them back! Love your neighbor but don't go crazy, okay?

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