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Thoughts to live by ...

Good God, do I have amazing individuals in my life who choose to love me.

Realizing daily that I will never know everything there is to know and being okay with that. However, I am anxious to learn.

Another day is another opportunity to convey to someone you meet that they do matter in this world.

Today is the day I stop making excuses for not actively working toward my goals. Passion Planner helps me.

Eating food makes me happy. Giving that happiness to others is possible too: Hunger Relief

Feelings are not a betrayal of reason or a sign of weakness - they are the colors that are used to paint the reasons for the choices we make.

Under the answer, "I'm fine, you?" when asked, "how are you?" Is often a person who doesn't know how to talk about themselves without feeling selfish or needy.

Loving ourselves doesn't mean 'self-care' 24-7. It means making difficult choices to cut things out of our lives that steal our truest peace and joy.

If you need to implement a G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L. system, do it now. They'll change all the time, but as long as you keep them visible or in mind - it wont be as much of a struggle. It will actually not only help you, but also others who see it. Try it out. I'd love to know what your system is.

Recall what you're thankful for this week. I like lists. Apparently.

#thankful #grateful #encouraging

xoxo - Heather

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