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If you haven't watched yet...

The short film, WAITING ROOM, was released as the Winner for the 2018 Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. I am so proud of the cast and crew of this film. We had a blast shooting this despite the road blocks and the amount of perspiration spent on the third floor of an unused creepy hospital.

It was a whirlwind as I was baptized by fire as the 1st AD (first assistant director), a role on set I had never performed to its full capacity and never on a 48-hour film. Everyone on set did multiple tasks not completely traditional to their assigned roles, therefore everyone was helping one another and having the same challenges. I was a producer and a production manager as well. The set up behind the scenes fascinates me. And from what I've experienced on multiple occasions is if the behind-the-scenes is in order and harmony exists among crew, you have a successful end-product. Communication is the most important aspect of creating a positive set-experience, with clearly defined crew positions playing a close second. The Dunlap Brothers were prepared to make this a reality and signing on for this film was something I had zero doubts about. Feel free to comment below!

STAY is a short film released this year after a short festival run at The Jersey Shore Film Festival.

The cast and crew for this gem was created with great effort, but one that was well worth it in the end. We'd prepared months for this shoot. Our crew came from all over the country.

Day one, I was lying on cold concrete for over an hour on a street in rural Tennessee as they placed fake blood on my face and framed up several shots for the day. A police officer came to see what was up and when he got closer he exclaimed, "oh! You're shootin' a movie!". I was emotionally tapped out when we wrapped and cried on the car-ride home. You'll know what I mean if you've watched it.

I looked to experiences I've had that match the height of the emotion in the moment when preparing for this character. I watched my Meemaw, my maternal grandmother (God-rest her soul), grieve my Peepaw and all the while wishing I could take her pain away. Just months after his passing, extended family gathered for her birthday and a big potluck. I selected a hand-made cedar-wood frame and put a picture of her and my grandfather in it from when they visited the Holy Lands together. It took her breath away, and in that same moment caused her heart to break all over again. I was horrified and confused and felt responsible for her pain, yet my mother told me that it was a sweet thought and to let her grieve. Experiencing her pain brought me into that place with her - deepening my appreciation for their love.

I'm grateful for this experience and hope that this film serves as a springboard for innumerable opportunities for everyone involved, but more importantly to help others lean into their healing after viewing it. Thank you Brandon Davis for writing this beautiful story and casting me as its lead. I am honored.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog! :)

xoxo - Heather

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