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ASHES, Premieres at the Nashville Film Festival (tomorrow!)

ASHES is a short film produced for the Nashville Film Festival's inaugural Actor's Challenge. Faith McQuinn, along with two other filmmakers, were given five actors at random (I was one of them!) and one month to produce a five-minute short film on a $500 budget.

It's about Odessa (Natalie Ruffino), a woman who's been away from home and out of touch for a year. She comes back for a funeral...and a not-so-happy reunion with her family. Stars Scott Scurlock, Heather Lannan, David Dittmore, Olivia Evans and a few lovely goats.

It was definitely challenging, but also a lot of fun. And I mean we were on a farm, meeting new people, and out of touch with reality for a few days. That's always fun right? There were plenty of goats, cats, and even a llama. I think there was a llama. Regardless, this is a short burst of creativity and we're proud to share it with you.

Ashes' world premiere will be at The Nashville Film Festival May 19th, 2018 at 330 PM. Click HERE for details and tickets!

Full credits coming soon to IMDb.

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