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Many of you know that I am a vocalist as well as an actress. I studied voice performance in college and have been using my voice for all sorts of projects since then. One of those projects began when a few friends of mine wrote a song about yearning for a love so strong that it gives of itself, and bears new life as a result. A love about the other, a love that calls us to a freedom in surrender: a sacramental marriage. Whoa, hold-up, right? Things just got serious.Well, I only like to write about things that will challenge and enlighten or start healthy dialogue. This is a part of my journey and I am only assuming, it may currently or someday be a part of many of yours - and I don't mind sharing.

The song SHARE MY SOUL started with a challenge from a group study of Love and Responsibility, a compilation of teachings given by Pope John Paul II during his general audiences at St. Peters Square. As one of the founding organizers of this group study, I was involved with the planning and execution of the nights and activities we'd have, as was Mike Lahey. He and Victoria Harris Grey penned the song for the talent-challenge we held one evening. Shortly thereafter, Mike asked me to sing it again at an event, then at a festival, and then again on two recordings with an amazing slew of musicians and producers! Jake Jones, songwriter/producer/guitarist/etc of the band WeAscend produced and mixed the final edit of the song, completely giving it that final touch it needed.

It has been such a blessing to sing this song and watch its evolution. It keeps telling the story that love is so much more than the feeling of love and vastly greater than the words, "I do." It must be a highly relatable topic because in the first week or so it had over 12,000 views! We were blown away by the positive response.

For all the details on the song and Mike Lahey's new album, check back on his page on Facebook where he posts what cities he'll be in next. You can also follow me on social media to see what else is new. Looking forward to making more music for you soon! ;)

We'd love to hear your feedback on how the song affects you and who you've shared it with. Please share the video on social media with your friends and family, and purchase it digitally to continue to spread the story of how love ministers to each of us and how it turns into something much, much more.

"If I surrender to this love, will it break me?" - Share My Soul, written by Mike Lahey and Victoria Harris Grey


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