Creative Consultant: A fancy way of saying that I know a lot about the creative world and how to go about getting plugged in where you are.​ It's a process. 

You might be reading this and thinking, 'How can she help me? She's still learning, too!" Here is my answer: I am grateful to still be learning.


If you are trying to be all-knowing or geared toward the dream of 'making-it' as a creative (actor, singer, dancer, painter, YouTube personality, etc.) you can NEVER stop learning.

Yes. Read that again. NEVER STOP LEARNING

I've been told that I am a connector. I meet people, I love people, and want to help people. With what I know, what I'm learning, and what I want to keep learning I am inspired to share. 

One day at a time, one step at a time. Just start.